Call Me

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Image of Call Me

Hand printed directly onto an iPhone 4 this piece is from a varied edition of 10 titled 'Call Me'. Each piece in the edition is printed on a different iPhone and as such each has its own distinct character.

The illustration catches a young woman lost in her own image. The piece asks the viewer who the selfie is for. The image questions our relationship with phones, our reliance on them and our increasing habit of objectifying ourselves through our objects.

The final piece is a 5 colour screen print, printed directly onto the screen of an iPhone 4. The black of the illustration is the screen of the phone itself showing through the negative spaces left by the rest of the print.

The printed iPhone is presented float mounted in a hand built black box frame, it is signed, dated, numbered and titled on the reverse of the frame.


Image of Call Me Image of Call Me Image of Call Me Image of Call Me