Withheld number


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A self portrait here. I'm not the biggest fan of the mobile phone. I find them invasive and enthralling at the same time. This illustration shows the moment a withheld number calls, and the urge to hang up without answering.

The final piece is an 8 colour enamel screen print, printed directly onto the screen of a white iPhone 5c. The black of the illustration is the screen of the phone itself showing through the negative spaces left by the rest of the print. Printed in an edition of just 10

The phone itself has had the battery removed and been painstakingly cleaned to remove all traces of the previous owner before being hand printed. As each phone that comes to the studio has it's own character, each piece in the edition is unique, pictured here is a whiten iPhone 5c but this edition also includes a blue 5c.

The printed iPhone is presented float mounted in a hand built black box frame, it is signed, dated, numbered and titled on the reverse of the frame.

This piece is currently at the framers, I will uploaded framed pictures once I have them.

This edition will be first available at the Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi art at The Majestic downtown Los Angeles March 15-18. Any remaining pieces will be available online after the fair.

To reserve one to purchase through the fair please email gerry@gerrybuxton.co.uk


Image of Withheld number Image of Withheld number Image of Withheld number