Image of Bob's

Bob's. 7 colour screen print on 9mm birch plywood. 40x60cm. Edition of 12. 2019.

Bob's Big Boy in Burbank is the oldest remaining Bob's, once an empire of 240 restaurants just 5 remain. I for one am glad that this survives, the sign, the big boy statue all speak of the atomic age and the hopeful Californian dream.

I photographed the restaurant in 2018 while I was in LA for an art fair, the image her features three shots of the same girl on the bike cycling past. I wanted the piece to capture the sense of standing on the pavement looking at the sign considering if you're going to have a burger while the life of LA keeps going by.

The prints on plywood have a subframe and d-ring on the reverse and are ready to hang requiring no framing. The subframe on the reverse make the print, when hung, appear to float an inch off your wall.

The wood is a beautiful surface to print on, I love that each piece of wood has it’s own unique grain pattern and that although the prints are in an edition each of the pieces has it’s own character.

The resin finish both protects the print and gives a stunning glossy finish, particularly on the areas of naked wood where it leaves the surface rich and glowing with life. There is another print on the reverse where they are titled, signed, numbered and dated.


Image of Bob's Image of Bob's Image of Bob's